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Just purchased The Orange Box, and Portal is amazing.  Horribly frustrating at many times, but still very cool.  I certainly hope they intend on doing a sequel, but considering how the storyline ends, I don't know if you could.  Maybe something set outside the labs, after the character has escaped?  

Also purchased Lost Odyssey, which may be  huge mistake considering I bought it solely on [ profile] aidymun 's recommendation and the pretty trailer set to White Rabbit.  [ profile] aidymun is not noted for her taste in video games.

I was absently trying to see if I could actually get to a year between lj posts, since I was already pretty close thanks to stupid things.  But then I realized that would be a great way to get booted from communities for inactivity.  And that would be stupid of me.

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The Dark Knight= Awesome, awesome, so totally awesome.  Heath Ledger is pretty much a shoe in for best supporting, solely based on his performance.  The Joker was fucked up, man.

Tropic Thunder=Pretty damn funny, really.  "I'm a lead farmer, motherfucker!"

Robert Downey Jr=Still the best thing ever.

I'm currently watching the new Knight Rider movie, which isn't too bad.  Or I'm just unreasonably thrilled by the thought that Val Kilmer is doing KITT's voice, and consequently don't notice bad.  
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I am going to see Dark Knight at the midnight premier tonight, and I am so excited!  Work is going to suck because I'll be looking forward to the movie, and because it's going to be about a million degrees out.

In other news, months have passed since I saw Iron Man but my obsessive love of Tony Stark has not wained.  My love of Robert Downey Jr is experiencing a meteoric rise especially after seeing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, to the degree that I am actually contemplating going to see Tropic Thunder, (even though it's most likely going to be retarded) just because he's in it.  That's really kind of sad, but I've accepted it and will be moving on.

14 hours to BATMAN!!!
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Fifteen days to the Dark Night!  I'm so excited, this movie looks amazing.

Although unfortunately Mama Mia comes out on the same day, and also looks really fun.   So many decisions!
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Argh, just finished my five page essay on why I want to go into education, as part of the awesome history screening process. 

Nerve-wracking is an understatement.  These people have the power to deny me my student teaching, and I have absolutely no idea who is going to review it, or what they're really looking for.  Absolutely terrifying.

On a brighter note, I have kidnapped [profile] aidymun's playstation 2, and am bopping around Kingdom hearts I and II.  Ah, Sora, you're so cute.  And Riku, you're such an idiot.  But a cute one.

Of to turn in my application.  If I don't vomit first.
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Too many quizes!

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I took the evil quiz, as prompted by Jordan, and have actually got someone I have heard of!

I am Elizabeth Bathory.
Which Evil Criminal are You?
A Rum and Monkey crime.

Also on my list of things to do is to get a hold of season one of Torchwood, and watch me some Doctor Who.
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I am not looking forward to going back to school.  However, I have enjoyed my break a great deal.

I have played way too much Warcraft, and have caught up on SGA.  John and Rodney become more married every episode.  If someday they show the two of them walking out of John's quarters, pulling on their clothes, I will spend at least two minutes NOT BEING SUPRISED.

I am currently watching the season premiere of Torchwood, which makes me want to catch up.  Thank God for Wikipedia, which is helping me figure out what the hell is going on.  Also, there is a lot of gay kissing in this show, which I am shallow enough to admit I adore.

I'm really finding Jack absolutely fascinating, too.  And he's adorable.

James Marsters is on as an evil rift jumper dude, and he made out with Jack!  This is pushing my Buffy buttons too, he's so adorable.

Is it shallow of me to like the newest Doctor because he's hot?  And David Tennent, and consequently smoking hot.
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I'm like a sheep!

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Your Score: The Warlock

You scored 4% druid, 12% paladin, 68% warlock, and 12% hunter!

You are a warlock. You avoid attention, hang back in the shadows, and have devoted your life to gaining power, be it money, fame, respect... or something more. You look out for number one, and you don't stick your neck out for anyone that isn't useful to you. You're selfish, but not cruel for the hell of it. The world needs practical people, and you are one of them.

The World of Warcraft official website has this to say about warlocks:

"Warlocks were mages that delved too deeply into the roots of demonic power. Consumed by a lust for dark knowledge, they've tapped into chaotic magic from beyond the world. The Burning Legion now feeds them its powers, allowing them to channel destructive energies and call upon the powerful emissaries of their demon masters."

Link: The World of Warcraft Personality Test written by _knee_ on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Interesting? I have no idea what this means.
Haiku2 for adania_ebonsong
the degenerate
wild child of hieroglyphics
at least that's what
Created by Grahame
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So, World of Warcraft....

Goodbye GPA.

[profile] aidymun, what do you want for your birthday?  Leave me a comment, I'll need it in writting because I'm slow.

I should write a fic.  Just for the hell of it.
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Posting this in history class. Such a slacker.
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From [profile] chase_lounge  :
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[profile] chase_lounge will find this amusing.
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Less than one week until I move in.  But thanks to the lovely people at the housing office, I will be living like a squatter for my first week. 

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Man, this is funny.

Final Fantasy Character Test

Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?

Final Fantasy VII

As [ profile] chase_lounge said, this must be accurate! Because the Internet is always right.

And yet, I think no. And this has some of the sloppiest coding I've ever seen.
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Man, I am like a lemming with these quizzes.....
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