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Less than one week until I move in.  But thanks to the lovely people at the housing office, I will be living like a squatter for my first week. 

My roommate backed out mid-July, which I was expecting.  They didn't assign me a roommate, so when called yesterday to ask what the situation was.  The lovely woman on the other end who spoke to me like I was simple explained that during the first week they will consolidate rooms and either I will be forced to move or someone else will be moved in.  Or I have to pay $900 dollars to buy out the single.  This is extremely annoying because
    1.  I like my room.  It's the same one I had last year.  I get along very well with the girl in the room next door, she's a good friend and very easy going. 
    2.  I have a lot of crap.  If I have to move rooms, I won't be able to move everything by myself. 
    3.  All but three of the other apartments will force me to pay $800 dollars more. 
    4.  I shouldn't have to move, thanks to my Senior status.  However, I have no idea how much that affects the situation.  The lovely woman at the Housing office didn't take any information about me, not even my name.
    5.  If I have a roommate versus if I don't is obviously going to affect how my room is set up.  At this point I may not even bother unpacking most of my stuff, because I don't know if I'll have to move it.

So, all in all, I am frustrated by how the Housing Office can leave me dangling like this.  Argh.

Also, while I feel very bad for all the people in Mexico getting hammered by the hurricane, every time someone says Hurricane Dean I giggle a little.  Yesterday a newscaster was talking about the damage in Kingston, saying "Dean has destroyed several buildings."

My response was, "Yeah, I'm honestly not surprised.  I bet Sam's giving him a lot of crap over it, too. "

On a more fun note, the House Season 3 DVDs are up.  Here's the link to the bloopers, which are of course very amusing and have a lot more RSL than last time, which I can totally get behind.

So my shopping list once I get my textbooks:
    House Season 3
    Supernatural Season 2
    Bones Season 2
    Dark Angel:  Before the Dawn, Skin Game, The Eyes Only Dossier, and After the Dark

I also submitted an application to do a online forum RP.  Which means my nerd hat is going to be much much bigger.

In conclusion, here's a picture of Jared Padalecki climbing Jensen Ackles like a tree.

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