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I am not looking forward to going back to school.  However, I have enjoyed my break a great deal.

I have played way too much Warcraft, and have caught up on SGA.  John and Rodney become more married every episode.  If someday they show the two of them walking out of John's quarters, pulling on their clothes, I will spend at least two minutes NOT BEING SUPRISED.

I am currently watching the season premiere of Torchwood, which makes me want to catch up.  Thank God for Wikipedia, which is helping me figure out what the hell is going on.  Also, there is a lot of gay kissing in this show, which I am shallow enough to admit I adore.

I'm really finding Jack absolutely fascinating, too.  And he's adorable.

James Marsters is on as an evil rift jumper dude, and he made out with Jack!  This is pushing my Buffy buttons too, he's so adorable.

Is it shallow of me to like the newest Doctor because he's hot?  And David Tennent, and consequently smoking hot.

Date: 2008-01-27 09:04 pm (UTC)
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Im am completely looking forward to you coming back to school, finally I will have a bit of competition for the title of "most fabulous person in the room". Of course it is ultimately a competition I am destined to win. Yay Narcissism!

Also, thank god you are in to Torchwood now, much to my shame I missed most of the season premiere, got in just as they were finding Gwyn in that shipping container thing. But you are right, James Marsters was completely amazing in his little Napoleonic war jacket, and super tight Captain Harlock pants, in essence a time traveling Spike the vampire, probably the role he was born for, as Torchwood and Buffy are the only two things I have seen him in. Also whatever you do don't watch The Covenant, its like Dawson's Creak with wizards.

Also may I tempt you into a personality test, I must know the evil criminal all my friends are most like mostly because I have no life.


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