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In the spirit of Harry Potter.....

Seriously, I don't know why I'd think I was in a different House. )
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I have my copy of Deathly Hallows.  This is  directed at [profile] aidymun in particular, that I will begin reading tonight or tomorrow.  Therefore, do not tell me anything.  You have a gift for ruining the ends of things, my dear.  I have not even read the infamous page 26, even though my aunt and father did.

I will let you know when I am done, so we can dissect to our heart's content.

[profile] chase_lounge, do you read Harry Potter?  I'm having a huge brain fart over if you do or not.

I have had the book for two hours now.  I looked at the number of pages.  And that is it.  Work is going to be hell.

I am using my only book based icon.  And it's British, as well!
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Jordan!  Jordan!

ETA:  Minnie Driver is up.  Someone else is not.  Jordan will understand my pain.  They're just afraid he'd have the best dress there. 
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So, I really shouldn't fill out every online quiz I find.
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Supernatural Recs!

I needed something to do while I was downloading What Is and What Never Should Be, and Vena wanted some SPN recs, so I gathered a few.  Warnings for Wincest all over these, so if that isn't your cup of tea, please avoid. 

Why do I not yet have a Supernatural icon?  This is a conundrum. 
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All of a sudden, I have a huge craving for the totally tasteless exploits of the inbred and totally corrupt royals of Europe.    I just re-read my Royal Scandals book, and enjoyed every crazy minute of it.

Also re-immersing myself in Arcanum, and playing it with a decidiely more evil bent.  However, have still managed to be ridiculously magical.  My last character I attempted to balance firearms, summoning and healing, but my magic rating gave me a huge number of critical failures.  So I switched over to tech/gunsmithy, and built some kick ass guns. 

The result of this two-fold interest is that I really, really want to run a Ravenloft game set in Paradon.  I have intrigue, parties, inbred nobles, random quests from passers-by, everything.  I grabbed a couple of really cool online unofficial supplementals from the school labs before I left school, and they totally would work.  Only problem is the total lack of information regarding Paradon.  Baring that, I suppose I could do my research into the appropriate eras in British history and kind of construct my own Paradon... might be kind of fun.  Or maybe I'm just crazy. 
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I finally watched the season finale for Supernatural.  Yeah. 

  I'm using my favorite Stargate pairing icon, as I do not have room for a Daniel/Vala.
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rageprufrock is writing NCIS/SGA crossovers.  My two favorite fluffy barely plotted cute boy shows in a single story.  Oh, I love it.

Supernatural is my cute boy brothers great mythology show.  Just to clarify.

Still have not seen the season finale.  Suspect I will be sobbing. 

I am currently drowning myself in POTC fic to assuage my depression over At World's End.  It's fantastic therapy.

Mmmm, Reeses cups.

I'm putting out a call for any suggestions for songs for a Pirate playlist.  This is not a playlist for the movies, but a playlist made up of songs that could conceivably be sung at sea and/or by pirates during this time period.  So no dates mentioned past  approximately 1719, primarily acapella or with drum, fiddle and/or guitar as instrumental.  So if anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate it.
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In the home stretch.  One exam tommorow, and revisions of my paper before 5 pm Friday, which is great as I can submit it electronically to my professor.  As long as I get all of my sources today and tommorow, I am golden.

Oh my god,  I need a drink.
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I have a new default icon just in time for House tonight.  Hurrah.

I should be writing my take home final exam.  I am instead being useless.  Yesss.
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I've just heard a story from my sister which does nothing to restore my faith in humanity.
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Okay, so in the local high school library, they have cute posters with celebrites, urging students to read.  Orlando Bloom, ect. 

One I happened to notice was Bill Gates.  It has his picture, and a computer member with the commands "Read," "Learn," "Close,"  and "Never Stop..."

Overall, not great as a motivational poster, really.  But it caught my attention for one reason.

The menu is clearly a Macintosh menu.  Not Windows.

Does this seem wrong to anyone else?
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Eeek! )

So, fun.
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So, I should be writing a research paper on the Cold War.  I am trying to get the bulk of it done before House at nine.

And yet, I keep getting distracted.
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So, I should be writing one of the many, many papers I have due in the next two weeks.  What I am doing is staring off into space like some sort of lunatic. 

And I really, really  want those weird little croutons.  The pre-packaged ones.  No idea why.
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The shrieking reached a unholy level in our room, frightening the large amount of people out in our hallway.


Apr. 9th, 2007 06:20 pm
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T-minus five days, one hour and thirty-nine minutes to Stargate! 
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So, the list of crap I haven't done yet just grows larger and larger.  I am like the queen of slacking.

And my research paper looms in the near distance, like a big, looming thing.  I have no cute simile for this.  Oh, wait.  Like that big black thing from 2001:  A space Odyssey.  Only with a cover page.

Incidentally, there is a lot of crap fic out there for Naruto.  I hate fangirls.

Argh, I'm tired.  How much sleep do I need?
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I'm a pirate.

Cool.  Hey, anyone born in May and want to be my Attack monkey?
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