Mar. 7th, 2007

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Okay, I have loved Tanya Huff's writing for quite some time.  The Victory Nelson Series is near and dear to my heart, and I actually shelled out money for her most recent book in hardcover.  I usually don't buy books in hardcover as I feel like I need to treat them nicely.

So when I found out that the Victory Nelson series was being made into a tv series, I was excited.  I was perfectly willing to go into it with an "Yay, this will be good" mentality.

Then checked out the cast list on IMDB.  If their cast list is accurate, they have eliminated a character.  They have eliminated my favorite character.  There is no Tony Foster on the cast list.  I admit, he isn't in that many scenes.  If I was sitting down with a list of all of the book characters and what they did, he would probably be the one I cut because he isn't essential to the storyline. 

All that said, he inspired his own book series.  He becomes a much more important character as the story progresses.  I really love him with the kind of love that would get me arrested.

Now, instead of going in all "yay," I am already upset.  Because there is no Tony.

ETA:  Henry is hot.  But writes graphic novels, not romance novels.  WTF?


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